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ONCEPT® Canine Melanoma Vaccine, DNA

Promising new immunotherapy technology has led to the first DNA-based vaccine for cancer in either animals or humans.1 An innovative canine melanoma vaccine called ONCEPT is now available for dogs like yours. ONCEPT has been used in dogs with stage II or stage III canine oral melanoma to support surgery and/or radiation therapy and prolong survival time.2

Most of the vaccines your veterinarian uses for your dog contain a small amount of disease-causing organisms, such as a virus. The organisms have been modified so they don’t cause the disease, but help the dog’s immune system recognize and fight off the disease if the dog is exposed.

A DNA-based vaccine uses information found in DNA to help the dog’s immune system recognize a specific protein found on cells that may normally be ignored, such as melanoma tumor cells. Learn more about how ONCEPT works.

This therapeutic vaccine is manufactured by Merial, a world leading, innovation-driven animal health company and the maker of many canine vaccines, including the world’s leading rabies vaccines.