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Canine Melanoma Vaccine, DNA

Breakthroughs in science have allowed the development of the first DNA-based vaccine for canine cancer. 

Most of the vaccines your veterinarian uses for your dog contain a small amount of disease-causing organisms, such as a virus. The organisms have been modified so they don’t cause the disease, but help the dog’s immune system recognize and fight off the disease if the dog is exposed.

A DNA-based vaccine uses information found in DNA to help the dog’s immune system recognize a specific protein found on cells that may normally be ignored, such as melanoma tumor cells. Learn more about how the new Canine Melanoma Vaccine, DNA works.

This new therapeutic vaccine is manufactured by Merial, a world lead in animal health and the maker of many canine vaccines, including the world’s leading rabies vaccines.

NOTICE: The USDA has issued a conditional U.S. Veterinary Biological Product License for this therapeutic vaccine. This conditional license is a response to an application and assurance of safety and purity, and a reasonable expectation of efficacy based on initial trials.1,2

During this period of conditional license, additional research will be conducted to further support the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. Production under this license is in compliance with all regulations and standards applicable to such products.

1Bergman PJ, et al. Development of a xenogeneic DNA vaccine program for canine malignant melanoma at the Animal Medical Center. Vaccine 2006;24:4582-4585.
2Bergman PJ, et al. Long-Term Survival of Dogs with Advanced Malignant Melanoma after DNA Vaccination with Xenogeneic Human Tyrosinase: A Phase I Trial. Clinical Cancer Research 2003;9:1284-1290.

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