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Increased Survival Time

ONCEPT® significantly prolongs survival time.1

ONCEPT Canine Melanoma Vaccine, DNA makes use of a non-canine gene to stimulate immunity in the dog (see How ONCEPT Works). This type of vaccine technology has been proven in five-year trials involving more than 100 dogs with canine oral melanoma that had already received surgery and/or radiation to remove local tumors.2

Historically, dogs with World Health Organization (WHO) stage II or stage III oral melanoma have reported survival times of less than five to six months when treated with surgery alone.3

In a study, 58 dogs with stage II or stage III COM were treated by vaccination with ONCEPT following local disease control achieved through surgery.1

At a follow-up for survival data six months after the conclusion of the study, less than 50% of treated dogs have died of disease related to canine oral melanoma.1 Quartile estimates of survival time for vaccinates (25% mortality [95% confidence intervals]) was 464 days.1

There was significant group difference (p<0.0001), with the vaccinates showing better survival times.1 There was no statistically significant association in response between stage II and stage III canine melanoma (p=0.58).1

There was no significant difference in survival between dogs with post-surgical histological reports of clean margins compared with narrow or dirty margins surrounding the excised tumor.1